Melinda Hightower: Importance of financial literacy and generational wealth.

Melinda Hightower: Importance of financial literacy and generational wealth.

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Our topic this week is Wealth and I’m excited to introduce Melinda hightower.  A tax lawyer and financial analyst by trade, Melinda Hightower now runs a division of UBS focusing on Multicultural Investments.  Melinda talks about a recent report on the wealth of black women and shares with us the importance of financial literacy as well as some key ideas for building generational wealth amongst the global majority.

An area I’ve personally enjoyed learning more about is investing and trading. I’ve always been a strong advocate of women managing their own money and love that I’m now able to actively make my money grow through what's previously been the secret of a few rich white males - the stock market.

Join me as we learn more from Melinda hightower.

Source: Black Women and Wealth 

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