Generational wealth is important - addressing the wealth gap

Generational wealth is important - addressing the wealth gap

Welcome to our weekly podcast here at Dream Cast Project. Every week, we focus on a different topic related to our mission of supporting everyone to live a life of abundance, rediscover their passion and purpose, and understand how the life that you have been dreaming of is possible - regardless of your starting point. 



This week's topic is why generational wealth is important.

I want to start with a provocative question today, and that is - did you know it will take 288 years to close the wealth gap between black and white families if nothing changes?

Yes, 288 years; as Dr. Geord Fraser says, “There is a lot we need to fix as people of color, the global majority -  because no one else will fix it for us.”

Yes, generational wealth is important, but it is something that takes time to fix; we have to start now by starting to fix our mindset; we need to instill a generational wealth mindset, get rid of the “living for Friday night” mindset, to break the cycle of poverty. 

This is why we are so passionate about supporting thought leadership through our Dream Cast Project work. Work that Dr George Fraser has dedicated his life to.

I’m excited to introduce… Dr George Fraser is one of my favorite speakers addressing the wealth gap. Enjoy.

Source: Wealth is important

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