Our Growth Mindset Journals for Kids

For ages 6-11-year-old to help them be their best confident self.

Kids Journal

Kids Journal with Writing Prompts + Conversation Starter Cards

The Dream Cast Kids journal is a true kids journal with writing prompts everyday to help kids actively think about their strengths, feelings, hopes, and dreams and have fun while doing it. Our conversation starters cards are great for engagement with your child. you will be surprised at how well they work and the answer you get back.

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A Kids Journal About... (10 book series)

Kids Journal Series

A Kids Journal About... Gratitude

"A Kids Journal About" guided journals consist of a 10-part interactive series that guides young readers to think about their strengths, feelings, hopes and dreams, and have fun while learning.
Two books in the series are available now, each covering one topic, from Gratitudeto Confidence, while another eight are available for pre-order. 

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