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Bringing your one-day closer - A story of overcoming limiting beliefs

Bringing your one-day closer - A story of overcoming limiting beliefs

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With a dollop of sarcasm and bite-size, aha concepts, the author tells tales about his real-life transformational experiences.

The stories are told to inspire, motivate, strip away limiting beliefs, and ask the uncomfortable questions that allow for growth. This series of books is not just another inspirational self-help book series.

Instead, it’s part of a series of books written to inspire all people who believe they are destined for more—written for those who have been held back by circumstance, environment, mindset, and more.

It’s a collection of tales of the author’s transformational journey from having nothing, being born a second-class citizen, to having everything his heart desired.
It’s not a how-to guide to becoming an instant millionaire, although entirely possible with all the real-life tangible concepts. It is not a “do what I do, and you can be like me” guide.

We are all unique and have our own special gifts and greatness to bring to the world.
It’s a series of books to help you change your mindset, help you think outside the box, and inspire a change in the narrative of your life, to live your best life.
Growing up and throughout our adult lives, we’ve realized how little information exists about how to change mindsets and how to change lives for people of color.

So we made it our mission to show that intentional thought can create and manifest the future you want, the future you choose.

At the Dream Cast Project, we want to inspire future generations to believe in the possible.

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