Teaching kids core values

Teaching kids core values

Values include both what you hold dear -- such as family, education, democracy, or equal dignity for all people -- and what you think it is important to be -- such as compassionate, hard-working, or honest.  

Values are personality traits that guide us to make judgments and decisions based on what we think is right or wrong. Since every one of us has different experiences, moral values can vary from person to person. This is why we have different reactions to different kinds of situations. And most of the time, a person’s values are a reflection of the environment they grew up in.  

Remember that kids are like sponges. They absorb everything they see or hear. They are learning values every day, whether we approve or not.  They learn simply by observing the world around them.  They learn from us, from their teachers, from their peers and from everyone they encounter.

Preet Kalsi, an empowered Mindset Coach talks about making the time to be with our kids AND to make that time really count. Having conversations that really matter on a regular basis and help them have the courage to know at any moment that they have a choice about how to behave, and how to make those choices based on their values.  

Join us with Preet, who explains How to Easily Instill Values In Our Kids – Preet Kalsi will be sharing 3 strategies you can use that promote co-operation and makes everyone feel good.

Being a mother I believe that it’s my responsibility to show my child what it’s like to live life with a sense of purpose, integrity and conviction. As parents, I feel it is our responsibility to instill the right values in our children.

 That’s often easier said than done, because teaching values (e.g. respect, kindness, honesty, courage, perseverance, self discipline, compassion, generosity, dependability) takes time – a scarce commodity for many parents today. 

As a result, outside influences like peer pressure and the entertainment industry (internet, television, movies, video games and music) are having a greater affect on children, shaping their perspectives more than ever before.

What’s a parent to do? I believe that we need to make the time to be with our kids AND to make that time really count. Having conversations that really matter on a regular basis, weaving lessons about values into our interactions will really help to address key issues that they will face in their life. 

Remember, your children will follow your example more than your advice. So HOW you go about instilling values is just as important as what you instill.

Next, A quick video to help children to develop responsibility, honesty and a sense of gratitude is usually considered just as important as teaching reading or comprehension skills.

There are lots of great values to teach your child, which can help them to avoid peer pressure or the temptation to conform to consumer culture’s demands. It is important to consider which values you want to teach your child and determine what the best ways are to in still these values in your child.

Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here

Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here

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