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YOU have an inspiring story to share...

We are starting global conversations to bringing you inspirational content on how intentional thought can create and manifest the future you want, the future you chose. Conversation to inspire you to “Believe in the POSSIBLE”.

Want to change the world? - start with intentional thought. Welcome to the Dream Cast Project Podcast.


We create this podcast/vlog as a brown family aimed at brown families, but applicable to everyone. We’re Ricardo and Michele, a brown family with two beautiful brown children, doing what we can to make the world a better place.

We can support each other in this ongoing journey, by sharing our stories, and we know that YOU have an amazing story to share.

We would LOVE to chat with you for 10-20 minutes about your story. Do you have an inspirational story?  Have you overcome life's obstacles and succeeded? Are you an entrepreneur or an expert in your profession? 

Through all of this, you're always focused on doing better and most importantly, always being there for your kids.  Let's chat about how we can help our kids be the best they can be.




Be a guest because:

  • Your story matters,

  • You may just inspire someone else to find their own passion,

  • Our kids need more positive examples of how to live a fulfilled, happy and inspirational life,

Contact us below and be part of the Dream Cast Project

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