Podcast - Start now, life is short

Podcast - Start now, life is short

So we are having a pretty good laugh at the moment. We are starting our first podcast and we've gone about five minutes into it and realized that the mics weren't plugged in. 😂

We were having a conversation yesterday about how we get across more people and how we inspire more people with what we're doing. And the thought of a podcast came up and this is exactly why we are where we are today. We are doing a podcast sharing our rants, our thoughts about life, and our experiences to inspire you, to live the best life.

Dreamcast project has really been set up to inspire people to be able to live their best life.

This one covers.

  1. Creating your future today
  2. Traveling as a brown family
  3. Grabbing the opportunities around you
  4. How saying "I had enough" can lead to exponential change
  5. Losing your sight -literally

We hope you enjoy it.



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