Ambition, No one wants their kids to be mediocre

Ambition, No one wants their kids to be mediocre

As parents, we all want our children to succeed in life. No one wants their kids to have a mediocre education, mediocre future. But how do we encourage ambition in our kids? And are we brave enough to let them make their own choices? Are we brave enough to allow them the chance of failure? So that they can find their own path to success.

Right now, more than ever before, we need ambition in our youth, the next generation.  We need future leaders and doctors, teachers and business owners, lawyers and artisans who are brave enough to want something different, to strive for better.

As the world seems to be in a state of chaos. Today is as good a day as any to encourage our children to harness as much purpose and ambition as feels right. Help them understand and get started on whatever forward momentum they can manage, and continue to support their efforts along the way!

Seven year old, Molly Wright explains brain development before age 5, and how every small action we take as parents, can affect our children’s lifelong learning, behavior and well-being.  

"What if I was to tell you that a game of peek-a-boo could change the world?" asks seven-year-old Molly Wright, one of the youngest-ever TED speakers. 

Breaking down the research-backed ways parents and caregivers can support children's healthy brain development, Wright highlights the benefits of play on lifelong learning, behavior and well-being, sharing effective strategies to help all kids thrive by the age of five.

Next, 10-year-old Joseph Wang explains his bravery story and why you should never be afraid of trying.  Bravery is something we all should practice.   

Joseph is 10 years old, and was born in Xián City, China. He moved to London with his parents in August 2015, where he learnt to speak English. He lives in Goodenough College with his mum, and attends Argyle Primary School. 

Joseph learnt to play the piano for four years in China and started to learn violin in Argyle Primary School.

 Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here

Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here


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