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Kids Journal with Writing Prompts + Conversation Starter Cards

Kids Journal with Writing Prompts + Conversation Starter Cards

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🏆 Kids Journal for ages 6-11-year-old to help them be their best confident self and helps them with stressful thoughts and anxiety.

Our Dream Cast Kids Journal helps kids to:⠀⠀

⭐  Manage their own thoughts and emotions, and become the best version of themselves.

⭐ 10 modules to help develop their resilient, confidence, and growth mindset.

⭐ Become more self-aware with empathy and kindness for others

⭐  Learn to be more mindful of themselves with understanding the power of gratitude

⭐  Nurture their natural curiosity and imagination and maintain their independent thought.

⭐  Approach life with positivity through daily gratitude practice.

The Dream Cast Kids journal is a true kids journal with writing prompts everyday to help kids actively think about their strengths, feelings, hopes, and dreams and have fun while doing it. Our conversation starters cards are great for engagement with your child. you will be surprised at how well they work and the answer you get back. 

Kids Journal for Growth Mindset + more..

The journal has 10 modules to help raise resilient, confident, happy children with a growth mindset that are destined to change the world.

The Dream Cast Journal expands beyond just a growth mindset to encompass mindfulness, empathy and kindness, gratitude and more.

What is inside?

Each day includes a motivational quote and a unique open-ended question, based on the week's key topic, to get kids started.

It’s followed by a “How many can you check off today?” section that helps foster accomplishment, ambition, and confidence.

We also introduce a section called “Let's Play Pretend” to help kids grasp the topic of empathy and kindness—traits that are key for emotional intelligence and social skills.

Kids can use the “What are you looking forward to and excited about?” section for planning, or as we like to call it, Dream Casting.

We have also included a section each day for drawing, as we know some kids prefer communicating in this format.
The rest of the page is mostly blank, to encourage freedom of thought and writing.

How does journaling help your child?

* Journaling helps develop Emotional Intelligence,
* Explore and identify their emotions,
* Express and process fear and anxiety,
* Track thoughts and feelings over time,
* Helps kids more easily solve problems in the future,
* Improve spelling and grammar.

The Dream Cast Journal has been carefully thought through and designed by observing how kids used notepads and other journals for their own journaling. It serves as a personal diary with daily guided questions to encourage thoughtfulness around 10 key color coded topics

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