Dream Cast Giveback Program

Our mission has always and will alway be centered around creating a better future for our children and uplifting our communities.

The Dream Cast Giveback Program has a few different initiatives.

Inititiative 1: Buy one Give one

Our Buy one Give one initiative is pretty simple. For every Journal or Journal Set bought, the Dream Cast Project will donate a journal to kids participating in our Dream Cast Train-the-Trainer Program via after-school programs. Our goal is to have as many children as possible participate and to receive a free journal to help them be the best they can be one day.
Your support in this mission is vital and you can even participate in the Buy one Give one program by using the following Buy one Give one discount code. Get your child a Dreamn Cast Journal and receive one for free to give to your childs friend. This offer is limited to one purchase per customer. Use discount code "BUY1GET1" at checkout

Inititiative 2: Referral Program

Two wanna-be cool parents of two awesome kiddos, aged 6 and 10 years old, started the Dream Cast Project during the Covid pandemic in 2020, and it has now become our full time passion. We're starting a global movement focused on helping all kids be the best they can be. If you believe in this mission, we'd love you to join us and generate income along the way.

The crazy thing is, that's it's not hard for us to do this. It requires no special education, no unattainable skill and it's free for everyone to join.


We believe that every child should have a Dream Cast Journal to help them navigate their emotions and to dream big. You can help us achieve this by joining our Rewards Program.

We have made it super simple to join our rewards program, and you'll get paid 30% of any sale that occurs from any blog, social post or email blast you send. You’ll even get 30% commission on your own purchases :-).

You will have your own unique tracking link, to use in your outreach, and your own dashboard to track your performance data.

Our rewards program has all the creative assets you’ll need (No financial commitment required)

Join the Dream Cast rewards program here

Together we can make a big difference. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Let’s talk to our kids to get them to think bigger, be better, and display the values we believe in.

Let’s continue being awesome parents together and raising kids that are going to change the world.

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