Dream Cast Future Leader Builders Program

What is the Dream Cast "Future Leader Builders" Program


Growing up, many of us didn't really know what specific careers entailed, what a chartered accountant, software programmer, graphic designer or anesthetist does every day. We had questions regarding whether or not I would enjoy the career we chose and more importantly how we would go about planning to become what we were dreaming of.

Think about the advice you received when your teachers or parents started asking you what you want to become oneday. I bet it sounded something like this, you should become a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or Uber driver?. The reality is that even if you had a general idea of what these job titles were, chances are that you did not really understand what it entailed on a day to day basis, except for being an uber driver i.e.you get to pretending to be Jason Stathem in the Transporter movies.

This is the gap in information the Dream Cast Project wants to fill for young adults on the cusp of their career choices. 

Many of our young adults do not have access to people in a specific career / profession and we want to change that. 

The future leader builders program is managed in our discord server that gives young adults access to real world people in the profession that they are looking to pursue through direct content and live events

Join our discord server here..

This is where you can help guide our youth and uplift our communities. 

We are looking for inspirational future leader builders (career guides) to be willing to partake be a mentor and morderator on our Dream Cast Discord server

The idea is to provide a roadmap i.e. whats needed for tertiary education, where to study, books to read, online communities to join etc, 

We look forward working with you as a "future leader builder".

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