Conversation Starter Cards for Kids and Parents

The Dream Cast Project is on a mission to create the best possible future we can for our kids.  And we’re doing it by giving them the tools to think!

I’ve seen over and over again how possible it is to create the life of your dreams and I want this for all children. 

I want our kids to understand the power within them as early as possible.  It will be good for them and good for the world.  We’re here to help them to be the best humans they can be.


If our kids can understand the power they hold within them, then they can create the best possible future for themselves and others. And as their parents, we can help create the best leaders, teachers, doctors, whatever kids choose to be, let’s help them be their absolute best selves.

This is why we produced the Conversations Starters and we're challenging parents to talk with your children. Conversations are like water to the seed of thought. This thought will lead to greater positive action in the future.

"Conversations are like water to the seed of thought"

Each day you'll receive a new question and prompt messages; this way you always have a new question to start a conversation with your child. 

Each Challenge focuses on one of the topics below. Click on the link to sign up and start an engaging conversation with your child today!

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The Dream Cast team