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Happiness, Pocket Journal of Gratitude

Happiness, Pocket Journal of Gratitude

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Reasons You’ll Love the Happiness Pocket Journal of Gratitude

Boosts Happiness Easily: The Pocket Journal of Gratitude is designed to increase happiness by helping you focus on the positive aspects of your life. Studies show that gratitude enhances well-being, reduces stress, improves relationships, and benefits mental and physical health. The journal’s simple structure allows you to start and end your day on a positive note.

Based on Scientific Research: The journal leverages scientific findings and age-old wisdom, highlighting the importance of positive thinking. It simplifies decades of research into a practical routine that promotes healing from negative states like depression and anxiety.

Quick and Time-Efficient: Ideal for busy individuals, this journal requires only five minutes twice a day. With just two questions each morning and evening, it’s perfect for those who feel they don’t have time for traditional journaling.

Suitable for Disillusioned Gratitude Practitioners: For those who have found traditional gratitude practices ineffective or guilt-inducing, this journal offers a fresh approach. It includes varied evening reflection questions to help you genuinely appreciate what brings you happiness.

Captures Your Best Moments: The Pocket Journal of Gratitude serves as a personal memoir, allowing you to revisit and relive your happiest moments. Like photo memories from apps, it enables you to reflect on specific days and relive the joy of past experiences.

Pages: 101 Standard Black & White
Book size: Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm), 
Book Type: Paperback, 
Cover: Matte
Cover Color: Full Color

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  • Gratitude shifts your Mindshift

    Gratitude turns what you have into more than enough by helping you to find joy in the present. People who practice gratitude consistently feel more generous, compassionate, and connected to others. Ultimately gratitude is one of the great keys to unlocking happiness.
    Create the space for a simple daily routine of reflection and over time the benefits start to show up in overwhelming ways.

  • One Page A Day Gratitude Practice

    This is where your daily gratitude practice will take shape. Visit this page every morning and evening. Start and end your day in a positive way. Whether celebrating the delight found in a simple happy moment or finding the value during a challenging time, this gratitude journal will quickly become a treasured part of your morning or evening routine.

  • Gratitude Reminder Quote

    Take in these words of wisdom from great minds as a reminder that performing simple daily acts of gratitude can have a big impact on your health and happiness.

  • Morning Gratitude

    What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? Many spiritual teachings and philosophies highlight the importance of “first thoughts” and teach how you can use these first thoughts to set up your entire day. The ego is quietest in the morning.
    Use this time to write the three to five things you are most grateful for.

  • Evening Reflection

    Each night at bedtime, review your day from when you awoke in the morning until bedtime. Reflect on the day gone and take note of your high points experienced. The evening gratitude question is different every day, to guide you to reflect on the abundance that surrounds you every day.

  • A Curated Playlist

    To enhance your daily journaling experience, we have curated a unique playlist tailored to a variety of moods and activities.
    This selection includes serene tracks for journaling, calming
    meditations, the soothing sounds of nature, as well as piano and acoustic ambient music designed to aid focus and study.