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Believe in the Possible

Believe in the Possible

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What happens when a little brown boy, born in the crime-ridden Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa, grows up and dares to achieve the impossible? How might his life be different from those of his peers as he sets out to achieve one seemingly insurmountable goal after the other?

Believe in the Possible, a stirring and inspirational memoir. It is first-time author Ricardo Collison's real-life story of a young brown boy who believed he was destined for greatness and dared to dream even bigger.

Ricardo shares his life stories and reminisces about how he overcame hardships, how he triumphed over a scarcity mindset, and created a life beyond what those around him could imagine. Determined to help others break free from the limiting beliefs instilled in them since childhood, Ricardo provides us with the necessary resources, toolkit and inspiration by retelling his own incredible story.

This book is for those who believe they are destined for more, who desire a more fulfilling life, and who stand on the brink of manifesting an abundance of health, happiness, and wealth.

All it takes is the ability to believe in the possible.
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