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A Kids Journal About... (10 book series)

A Kids Journal About... (10 book series)

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"A Kids Journal About" guided journals consist of a 10-part interactive series that guides young readers to think about their strengths, feelings, hopes and dreams, and have fun while learning.

Two books in the series are available now, each covering one topic, from Gratitude to Confidence, while another eight are available for pre-order. 

A journal series with unique daily prompts and activities that make journaling fun and easy for kids. Each journal is a colorful space for kids to think about, record what they're thankful for, and practice being positive and mindful every day.

This journal is filled with engaging stories, activities, inspiring quotes, and fun prompts that will guide kids on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The journals are designed using visual keys to help kids navigate the writing and activity prompts. Inside each of the A Kids Journal about..., kids will find:

  • INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: Featuring relatable stories of kids who have faced challenges and overcome obstacles, instilling the belief that anything is possible with determination.
  • EASY TO USE PAGES: An easy way to introduce kids to journaling practice. Our short 30-day journal contains simple daily prompts to help young minds explore their thoughts and feelings. Inspire a habit of building confidence, and help young kids to get to know their amazing true selves.
  • CONFIDENCE-BUILDING AND GRATITUDE EXERCISES: By focusing on the good things in their lives, kids will learn to appreciate what they have and develop a positive outlook.
  • GOAL-SETTING ACTIVITIES: Kids will be encouraged to set achievable goals and track their progress, helping them realize their potential and develop a sense of accomplishment.
  • AFFIRMATION QUOTES: Positive self-talk and affirmations can rewire the brain to think more positively, boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  • CREATIVE PROMPTS: Engaging in artistic expression helps kids explore their emotions, build self-confidence, and nurture their creative side.
  • GROWTH MINDSET EXERCISES: Encouraging kids to embrace challenges and view failures as opportunities to learn and grow, fostering resilience and determination.
  • DRAWING PAGES: We know that many kids may prefer to express themselves through pictures. This creative process helps kids develop self-awareness, understand their feelings, and increase their confidence and emotional intelligence.

Journaling can be a great communication aid between parents and children - or even teachers and parents. Give your child a creative outlet and discover the benefits of journaling today!

The fun never stops with the Dream Cast Project series of Kids Journals that help kids actively think about their strengths, feelings, hopes, and dreams and have fun while doing so.

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