Resilient kids are more likely to take healthy risks

Resilient kids are more likely to take healthy risks

All children are capable of working through challenges and coping with stress. Resilient kids are more likely to take healthy risks because they don’t fear falling short of expectations.

They are curious, brave, and trusting of their instincts. They know their limits and they push themselves to step outside of their comfort zones. This helps them reach for their long-term goals and it helps them solve problems independently.

Feelings and emotions can drive every decision we make. It’s taken me decades to truly understand that we can’t control our feelings, but can control our actions and I try to show this to my kids every day.

We bring you, educator and counselor, Lael  Stone, who discusses how to encourage our children to express feelings and emotions. Instead of trying to fix our kids problems, sometimes our only job is to sit there and hold space for them. Listen to Lael talk about how to raise emotionally intelligent children.

And then Supreet Dhillon shares ways to help our children build emotional resilience. Supreet shares her tips on How to Make Your Kids Mentally Strong My biggest goal as a parent is to make my kids mentally strong. In this video, Supreet shares 7 kids mental health tips. I hope you find them useful.


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Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here


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