No handbook for perfect parenting?

No handbook for perfect parenting?

You’ve heard it before, there is no handbook for perfect parenting. Every parent and every child’s journey is unique and therein lies the challenge, and the opportunity.

We all want to mold our kids into the best version of themselves. At least, our idea of the best version.  It’s hard to know if we’re on the right track. We all know that parenting is hard.

But, I’m here to tell you that if you are constantly looking for another way, a better way, if you’re not of the mindset that there’s nothing more to learn, then you are on the right track.  

Because parenting your child is an ongoing  journey of discovery.
We all want what’s best for our children. But, honestly, all we know, is what is best for the present moment and what was best in our past.  But, times have changed and will continue to change, and the best tools we can equip our children with, is the beautiful truth, that is, knowing their true selves and becoming and loving all that they are. 

We’ve collated the best information from numerous studies and experts around the world, to inspire, to reawaken the truth that you already know about yourself and your child and parenting, and to remind you of some of those best practices.
We’ve taken all this knowledge and learning and combined it into one course, filled with resources to help and inspire.

We start each section with ideas for you, the parent, and then also include ideas on how to speak to your child about each topic and videos you can watch together with your child.  We share our Conversation Starter Cards to help you initiate conversation with your child and in the final section of each lesson we share the best books we’ve discovered on each topic.

Together with the course, we’ve also created a daily journal for kids.  The Dream Cast Journal helps your child process their own thoughts around key topics that will help them know their true selves and be the confident successful people they are naturally.  This course reinforces those same topics for you, the parent, so that you can help continue the learning process with your child throughout the day.

You’ll find 10 key modules in this course and in our journal, and you can choose to either go through each sequentially or skip to the module that is most relevant to you right now. And come back to the rest later.

Enjoy the journey with us as we help our children become their best selves.

Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here

Start our free online Course: Life skills for kids course - Click Here


Dream Cast Kids Journal.

We have included writing prompt to help reinforce the concepts such as empathy and kindness, gratitude and more in both the Dream Cast Journal and Dream Cast Conversation Starter Cards tying the learning experience together perfectly.


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