Mindset is hard to change

Mindset is hard to change

Mindset is hard to change as we get older; we all know this through experience with our parents, uncles, and aunts.

We also know that small changes earlier in our lives can transform our future. Of course, it's never too late to change your narrative, but as with financial investing, the earlier, the better.

Is there someone you know who could benefit from a change in mindset? Then this blog post is for them.

Our goal at the Dream Cast Project is to show kids and young adults that intentional thought can create and manifest the future they want, the future they choose.

It's a message that we will continue to share with all people, especially people of color, because it's an essential part of what success will look like.

While growing up as a person of color in a disadvantaged socio-economic environment. There was very little information about creating abundance or happiness made available for black and brown people worldwide or information about how to change your mindset.

People of color had the Oprah Winfrey rags to riches story to aspire to, a story so far-fetched that it became impossible to even think of recreating it for themself.

We also had access to the next charismatic caucasian guy selling a self-help book on how to become a millionaire in the next 6 months.
Ps. your chances are slim if this is the route you choose. Not because the information is flawed, but because it needs to be paired with a change in mindset and behavior.

So, we made it our personal mission to influence as many people of color as possible to create their desired future and inspire others to do the same.

The moment you realize that you can create your future with your mind is the day you will want to keep waving your magic wand; this is what a shift in mindset has done in our lives.

The Becoming You journals will help create a better world for yourself, those your care most about, and everyone around you. Don't wait to start creating the happiness you want.

So share this post with someone who could benefit from this guided journal or get them one as a gift. It's how we change the world together.

"Believe in the POSSIBLE"


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