It's now called quiet quitting

It's now called quiet quitting

The subject of quiet quitting is a new term for something that's been happening for a long time. It was called employee disengagement, where employees become disengaged with their organization and start doing less.

It's now called quiet quitting. The term has blown up after a TikToker posted a viral video stating. 

“I recently learned about this term called quiet, quitting, where you're not outright quitting your job, but you're quitting the idea of going above and beyond. You're still performing your duties, but you're no longer subscribing to the hustle culture mentality.”

Today we discuss this in a broader context of the following points.

  1. The contract between employer and employee
  2. Where do your intrinsic rewards come from?
  3. Thinking outside of the box
  4. Why do some people let obstacles stop them, or limit them?
  5. Never a straight line to your dreams

"Everything is the way it is because someone thought about it and made it that way. And we can just as easily think about it and make it a different way". - Michele Collison

We hope you enjoy it.





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