Welcome to Dream Cast Project Motivation Monday Newsletter

Welcome to Dream Cast Project Motivation Monday Newsletter

Welcome to Dream Cast Project Motivation Monday.

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1 Idea

"Fantasy comes into play when you start engaging your creative mind". - Ricardo Collison

Set goals for what you want to do, not what you know how to do. This is where fantasy comes into play and when you start engaging your creative mind, and it's your creative mind that has created everything you see around you. When you do this, is when the magic happens. This is where the magic has always happened for me, and it will for you. Souce: Dream bigger and set goal you want to achieve


1 Action

Take time to train our brain.

To become successful, first change your mindset. Find a way to win despite the setbacks. Set goals beyond your comfort zone. 
Watch Les Brown explain how we can train our brain.


1 Thought

"Most people set goals for what they already know how to do, don't be one of those people." - Ricardo Collison

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Believe in the possible, live your best life. 
Have an amazing week ahead. 


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