When we are all just being human - magic happens!

When we are all just being human - magic happens!

Let’s face it, we are not perfect, even though we may sometimes want to think that we are.

We are a product of our social environment, friends, experiences, and the stories we tell ourselves. Our beliefs dictate so much about our lives. Things like who we should be friends with, what we can eat, who we can be, or what we can achieve. It even determines who we should or can marry.

Crazy right?

Yes, I hear you say. But unfortunately, we seldom think of how we have been formed or the beliefs that limit our potential. Instead, we hope that things may change.

And then, sometimes, just sometimes, magic happens when we are all just being human, when we put aside our beliefs, judgemental thoughts, and prejudices. That magic is called growth and enlightenment.

Growth happens because of positive human connection when we are not judging one another because of our religion, beliefs, achievements, race, or color.

This is not possible; I hear you say. But, let me assure you, it's happening to us all the time. It happened to us just this past week, every day this past week. We had five friends visit us on their European vacation. Only one of them we knew; everyone else was a stranger, for lack of a better description—a mixed group of people from different socio-economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, Muslim and Christian. A group of people of different men defined race groups, black and white.

All were living in the same house for a few days. With such a diverse group of people, you would inevitably expect a difference of opinion and belief to spark a heated debate. We spoke about religion, politics, upbringing, and life ambitions. We talked about why we think the world is in a dystopian freefall. We bounced around ideas on what we could and would need to do to change it.

We spoke about the trials and tribulations of our daily life, past failures, and hopes and dreams—all without judgment. Yes, I know this sounds far-fetched, but it's true; it's possible.

How, you may be asking? It's simple; it's so simple that it's almost stupid.

I thought it was because we had lived in the same country. But we have many friends with whom we/ve lived in the same country. Who are well traveled and have a very similar mindset, but with whom we do not always have the same rapport?

The answer is just to be human in doing the following things out of mutual respect for the other person.

First, valuing everyone for who they are and the positive elements they bring to the table. It involves seeing people's unique contributions, recognizing and understanding differences, and celebrating diversity – but also capitalizing on common ground.

In our case, it's almost always traveling and finding ways to change mindsets, so everyone can live their best life.

So invite the human connection you want by doing the following.

  1. Accept and appreciate our differences. We are not all cut from the same cloth. We were not born into the same circumstances. We are all uniquely different because of our life experiences. But we all have a positive value to impart.
  2. Willingness to grow and learn. We never reach our greatest potential without wanting to learn or grow. Sometimes life hands you a lemon to force you to accept this fact. Sometimes, in despair, we grow the most, but the experience is always worth it in the end if you choose for it to be.
  3. Starting with zero Opinions. It's strange how we formulate an opinion about someone before we get to know them. E.g., they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Black, White, Rich, Poor, etc. We don't even give ourselves the opportunity for what could be a fantastic friendship or even a learning experience. We rob ourselves of everything good that could come from the engagement.
  4. Willingness to share. This one hit home for us this week. I never thought of ourselves as sharers. But we are according to our friends. We willingly share our experiences, both good and bad. Not because some of it makes for incredible campfire stories, but because they could serve as a guide for someone else. I love listening to people's adventures. It helps me walk in their shoes and understand that person a bit better. It opens a whole new world of learning and adventure for me. So share more life experiences that could serve as someone else's survival guide.
  5. Be non-judgemental as a starting point. We are so preprogrammed through our social environment that this one is hard. I still get asked 20+ years later why my accent is so funny by people or why I eat pizza with a knife and fork. We tend to judge people indiscriminately because they look, do or act differently from socially accepted norms. E.g., black men with braids are dangerous; tattoos are a sign of mental strife, etc. Neither of which is an absolute truth.
  6. Start with congratulation, not envy. It's strange how when you have come from an economically deprived environment and managed to forge your way to a better life; suddenly, even your friends start with envy first instead of congratulation. It's hurtful and a clear indication of a lack of respect. After all, favor does not just fall into your lap from the great heavens above. It took work and sacrifice. There is so much to learn when you start with congratulations first. You open up opportunities for yourself because someone else will be more willing to share their learnings and experience with you. Knowledge which could help you achieve your own dreams and goals.

So let the magic happens more often in your life by just being human.


Our goal at the Dream Cast Project is to show kids and young adults that intentional thought can create and manifest the future they want, the future they choose. 

It's a message that we will continue to share with all people, especially people of color because it's an essential part of what success will look like.

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in; journaling is a powerful tool to support you in becoming the best you can be. Journaling is a means of documenting your amazing life, just like the great journaling leaders of our time.

The moment you realize that you can create your future with your mind is the day you will want to keep waving your magic wand; this is what a shift in mindset has done in our lives.

The Becoming You journal will help create a better world for yourself, those your care most about, and everyone around you. Don’t wait to start creating the happiness you want.

So share this post with someone who could benefit from this guided journal or get them one as a gift. It's how we change the world together.

"Believe in the POSSIBLE"

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