Today I interviewed Gwynneth Matthews, founder and owner of Southern Cross Conferences and Events, an events company in South Africa that's leading the way in innovation in the events industry.  I loved connecting with Gwynneth, whose charismatic nature seems to rub off on everyone she meets. 

Gwynneth talks about her humble beginnings in business, starting with nothing more than her will and her then-boyfriend's belief in her.  (Those are, quite honestly, the ONLY requirements for starting the business of your dreams - but that's for a different blog.)

South Cross has seen amazing success with Gwynneth at it's helm and, even during an industry shutdown due to COVID, the business still manages to find innovative ways to support businesses who require conferencing services - and to help grow the next generation of leaders in the industry.

We chat about the balancing act of running a business and being a mother and hear some truths about being gentle with yourself.

Gwynneth inspires us all to find our passion and then find a way for that passion to support the life of our choosing.  May we all teach out children to do the same.


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