FREE "Life in Weeks" Poster

 A visual representation of time helps our brain grasp how precious time is.

The average life expectancy in America is:

  • 76yrs or 3952 weeks.
  • 42yrs or 2184 weeks are spent working,
  • ONLY 11yrs or 572 weeks are spent retired.


Get inspired and make the most out of every week, every day, every minute of your life.

On your poster mark a square for each week of your life. This will rewire your brain to start appreciating and enjoying every moment. A new habit that will change your life.

When you know your time here is limited, suddenly being angry, being mad at someone, doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is spending time with people that matter to you. 

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  • Gratitude

    Looking at life in weeks helps promote gratitude for the time you have been alive, for your accomplishments thus far, and for the time you had to spend with the people in your life that are most important.

  • A realistic view

    Gives you a roadmap that is not too overwhelming. It helps you break down your life, goals into manageable chunks of time. Helps you reflect on past accomplishments more easily.

  • Places value on time

    Looking at your life so far helps you value your time and how you spend it. It serves as a reminder to avoid putting things off, potentially indefinitely.