A Kids Journal to help Kids Manage Anxiety

Does your child find it hard to concentrate, are they not sleeping well or waking in the night with bad dreams?

Your child may be suffering from anxiety. 

How to help your child manage their anxiety

Research shows that journaling reduces levels of stress and anxiety, and leads to happier and more resilient kids. Support your child's success through journaling.

 The Dream Cast Kids Journal helps kids work through anxious feelings.  Journaling can be a powerful tool for exploring and shifting thoughts from anxious and to empowered.


What make children anxious?

  • Experiencing lots of change in a short space of time, such as moving house or school.
  • Having responsibilities that are beyond their age and development, for example caring for other people in their family.
  • Being around someone who is very anxious, such as a stressed parent.
  • Struggling at school, including feeling overwhelmed by work, exams or peer groups.
  • Experiencing family stress around things like housing, money and debt.
  • Going through distressing or traumatic experiences in which they do not feel safe, such as being bullied or witnessing or experiencing abuse.

Why Every Kid should have a Dream Cast Journal

Sometimes negative thoughts and emotions can run on a loop in our heads.  This can be stressful when dealing with a challenging situation — it can even make the present situation feel worse.  But if we encourage our kids to stop and put their emotions down on paper, it can help release negative thoughts from their minds. Support your child's success through journaling.

  • Journals improve mental clarity and focus.
  • Helps track thoughts and feelings over time.
  • Daily journaling helps kids explore and identify their emotions.
  • Kids who journal are better able to express and process fear and anxiety.
  • Children can more easily solve problems in the future and facilitate personal growth.
  • Writing and drawing helps children develop communication skills
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We designed the Dream Cast Kids Journal to help reinforce a mindfulness and growth mindset through daily prompt questions that covers 10 core topics like gratefulness, empathy and kindness, growth mindset, confidence and mindfulness to name but a few. LEARN MORE HERE


Growth Mindset + more..

10 modules to help raise resilient, confident, happy children with a growth mindset. We are expanding beyond just a growth mindset to encompass mindfulness empathy, gratitude and more.

Conversation Starter cards

Keep the conversation and engagement with you kids going. The Dream Cast Conversational Cards are designed to be used whenever your family makes time for meaningful conversations.

It’s simple and fun

We want to share this tool with as many parents and guardians as possible so they can support their children in being the best "them" they can be with a strong moral core and a desire to build a better, brighter future.


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