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Independent Thought Conversational Prompt Cards

Independent Thought Conversational Prompt Cards

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We want the best for our children, but how do we‚ give them the courage to make‚ good choices for themselves?‚ 

We start by talking with them.‚ ‚ Spend 10 - 15 minutes of focused time having a conversation with‚ your child.‚ ‚ 

Our Dream Cast Challenge: Let's Talk about‚ Independent Thought‚ makes it easy for you.‚  We send you daily questions and prompts to‚ discuss with your child,‚ to encourage‚ confidence to draw on‚ their own innate intelligence and judgement, rather than someone else's.
You make the time - We'll give you the tools.

It's free, fun and the response you get back from your kids will delight and surprise you.

These question will‚  also help young people take manageable steps towards a positive future of their choice.

Our digital download‚ Independent Thought‚ prompt cards are completely‚ FREE‚ to access on your mobile and other electronic devises. Please feel free to share the content and‚ DONATE‚ to help us continue to provide free content.

To receive daily conversation prompt to ask you child (ren),‚  join our‚ Dream Cast Facebook Group here‚ or join our‚ WhatsApp Dream Cast Group.

Here you will find tones of relevant content and a community that is able to understand‚ and relate to our parenting journey.‚ 

Welcome to the Dream Cast Family‚  -‚  creating a better tomorrow through our kids.

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