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Support the Dream Cast Project to help us make more content available and encourage more Dream Casting of a better tomorrow.

We want the best for our children, but how do we give them the courage to make good choices for themselves?

The Dream Cast Project provides free content to help prompt engagement between parents and child(ren). 

As parents we all want to better equip our kids for the future. The Dream Cast Project gives parents and caregivers tools to help them engage with their child(ren) to help them:

- Aim high
- Do their best
- Be kind

This simple set of free tools are designed to help kids and parents engage their sense of mindfulness, gratefulness, thankfulness, humanity, kindness and resilience.

It highlights the positive impact of cultivating a great attitude and mindset, helping them thrive at home, at school and at life.

What will your donation be used for?

  • Creating great content to share for free
  • Recording Vlog and Podcast content that we share for free
  • Improving and maintaining our current content delivery systems
  • Hosting online events 

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