Almost nobody wishes they started later

Almost nobody wishes they started later

Your Monday Motivation 3 in 1

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"Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality" - Les brown."

This is true for all of us. We all possess one of the most powerful tools in the universe, our mind. The truth is that it is up to you to decide what you choose to believe. You have a choice. Read more


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“Many people wish they started sooner. Almost nobody wishes they started later.”"

Starting a side hustle while you’re employed can be enormously beneficial, especially in uncertain times. This is how Dream Cast Project started and the five side hustle before it. Today more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle, with 50 percent earning $1000/month or more. Nicaila Matthews Okome give us a great overview to side hustling and some useful advice.


1 Thought

  1. You can learn anything you choose
  2. You have ability to become really good at anything you choose 
  3. Success in anything you choose requires you to use your imagination and apply the correct amount of effort. Success = imagination + effort

 It is up to you to decide what you choose to believe.

Until next week,

Believe in the possible, live your best life. 
Have an amazing week ahead. 

Dream Cast Project team


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