Who are you - Reflecting on the week

Who are you - Reflecting on the week

Congratulations on completing Week 1

This week you have taken the challenge to answer one of the hardest questions to ask oneself “Who am I?”. The answer to this question is always changing as we grow and progresses through life. We are different people at different stages of our life, and that is ok.

The answer to the "who are you" question changes with personal growth, the kind of growth you experience on the journey of self discovery - This change very is normal and a good thing.

There are many times we do not take the time to reflect on the positive outcomes of these changes in who you are.

Take some time to reflect on the magical journey of self-discovery that you have been on over the past week. Reflect on the hard questions you pondered and answered, about who you are, about what you are not, and about what you are capable of doing and being in your life.

This week, in your self-directed coaching you covered:

  1. Discovering why its important to know "who you are" and the benefits thereof - read the article here
  2. Completing a VITALS Check, Values, Interests, Temperament, Around-the-Clock, Life Mission and Goals, and Strengths/Skills - The building blocks of self-knowledge. - read the article here
  3. Answering 10 questions to discover "who you are". All these questions have been designed to help you know your VITALS
  4. Starting new habits of meditation, and journaling - don't forget to record your scores or totals for the week in the app.
  5. You've read and been exposed to inspirational thoughts that we hope have impacted you and those around you positively.

As we are reflecting on the week, wanted to include some of the key inspiration thoughts shared this week.

Remember you are not where you are from,
you are where you are going”


“Don't let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It's your life, not theirs. Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy.
Don't let the expectations and ideas of others limit who you are. If you let others tell you who you are, you are living their reality — not yours.
There is more to life than pleasing people.
There is much more to life than following others' prescribed path.
There is so much more to life than what you experience right now. You need to decide who you are for yourself.
Become a whole being. Adventure.”Roy T. Bennett


We'd like to end this week with a 15min Ted talk by journalist Shankar Vendantam. He discussed how we don't actually know what our future self wants as we are constantly becoming a new person and shows how we can more proactively craft the people we are to become.

We are all on a transformative journey together, changing, learning becoming our best selves, and that honestly, fills us with hope for the future.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you in Week 2 of the program - Discovering your why

Best regards,

The Dream Cast Project team


Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

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