Kid Cudi: "If you believe, it will be so".

Kid Cudi: "If you believe, it will be so".

Today, our featured speaker is Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, the artist and rapper.

He was asked to give his high school talk about growing up and his career path in the music industry. 

What you can learn from just listening to someone's story is amazing. 

I love how Scott re-tells his story; it is so real and honest. There are so many parts of it that I can identify with, and I'm sure you have parts that you will identify with too.

Scott a young man of 31 at the time of this talk, gives a ton of life advice. Advice about showing up for the opportunities that present themselves in your life. About how Focus is key and hanging around people who inspire you. 
About embracing fear and finding your confidence, and how important it is to attack one goal at a time.

He talks about how life will throw you a ton of curve balls, but if you believe, want it bad enough, and are willing to work for it, you can make your dream come true. 

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