Benefits of Knowing Your “WHY”

Benefits of Knowing Your “WHY”

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~ Mark Twain”

There are many benefits of knowing your why, not only benefits directly associated with yourself but to others around you and to the world you are blessed to be part of. Below are some of the benefits are knowing your why.

  1. Your WHY provides clarity of purpose in your life.
    People who have a sense of purpose are often seen as being unstoppable. They are capable of shaping their lives in the ways they want. When you become laser-focused on your goals, you will have no question about what you are going to accomplish each and every day.

  2. Your WHY infuses you with passion for your goals.
    When you know your why or purpose in life, you are more deeply committed to pursuing your goals. The idea behind this is that you will never have to settle for less than what you want in life.

  3. Your WHY keeps you focused on your goals.
    When you’ve identified your life’s WHY or purpose, it’s easier to focus on what truly matters. To stay focused on your goals, they must be important to you. Your subconscious can try to trick you into believing that you want one thing when in reality these things do very little to help you live out your purpose.

  4. Your WHY helps you live healthier and longer.|
    Numerous studies have shown that having a purpose in life leads to longer lifespans in older adults. Yes, we are all mortal, but we can achieve great things and even immortality in just one lifetime. Journaling is one of the ways we can all create immortality, your story will live on forever.

  5. Your WHY helps you develop resilience.
    People who have a deeper sense of purpose in life are better at finding meaning in setbacks they experience compared with those who wander through life aimlessly. When you know your why or purpose, you have a feeling of mastery that helps you let go of anything that goes wrong in your life that is irrelevant to your core values. This means that you can learn from life's hardships and bounce back quickly from adversity.

  6. Your WHY allows you to live a life with integrity.
    Those who know their why or purpose in life understand who they are and what they are here for. They are more satisfied in general because they’re living true to their core values. When this is the case, a person doesn't have to put on a façade. Instead, their passion is genuine for everything they do, and they always show up as their true selves.

 Photo by Jonas Stolle on Unsplash

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